We have been selected!

Get your cameras out;

the big yellow Unicorn is coming to The BIG Project!

The Cashback for Communities Youth Work Fund have selected us to help promote the great work that comes out of their funding.

What is Cashback for Communities? you might ask, where is this funding coming from?

Cashback for Communities takes the money seized from criminal activities and invests it in projects that improve the lives of Scottish young people. So far in Edinburgh alone 188,461 activities have been funded, a total of 2 million across Scotland.

Cashback has helped to fund sports clubs, the arts, and skills development to name a very few things. They also help us at The BIG Project to run activities for young people in Broomhouse. Cashback provides staffing support and thanks to this we are able to run twice-weekly open access youth club sessions.

Because we love what they do and how they support us we were delighted to have been selected to help them with their new campaign to promote this great work.

The team from Cashback are sending Jamie around to visit projects in every area of Scotland. We are trying to smarten up the place for his arrival but we’ve been told not to worry as he’s a lovely guy. Very Scottish. I mean he would be as he is a unicorn, our national animal. A three feet tall and yellow unicorn to be specific.

All the projects have been told that they have a chance for Jamie to become a permanent volunteer at our charities. They want lots of great videos and photos from Jamie’s Journey of us showing him a great time.  And at the end of the trip Jamie’s going to look through them and decide where he wants to stay. So be on the lookout for posts of a giant stuffed yellow Unicorn in odd places doing fun things all around Scotland.


A post by Sam Dyce