BIG Sing choir at Music Learning Live Conference!

On Thursday 3rd March 2011,  children from The BIG Sing choir will be teaching music professionals a thing or two - at the Music Learning Live! conference held in the RSAMD, Glasgow. 

With the first workshop of the conference, the BIG Sing members will encourage the grown ups to try hilarious warm ups for their bodies and voices, sing in rounds, create new song lyrics on the spot, and learn unique “mash-ups” from pop and chart hits - overlaying two or more songs to create a fresh new sound.  

With their workshop following directly on from the Minister for Culture’s speech, you might be fooled into thinking that they would be intimidated - but The BIG Project members are no strangers to celebrity or challenge - they’ve already had their project highlighted on Children in Need by actor Robert Carlyle, been on tour with  professional musicians of the highest calibre including award-winning songwriter Karine Polwart, dub and grime rapper MC Soom T and Indo-Caledonian pop artist Future Pilot AKA, and performed on television, radio and in a range of venues including the prestigious Queens Hall in Edinburgh. 

Workshop leader Kim says “It’s a real privilege to work with the children and young people at The BIG Project each week and see them grow through practice, rehearsal and performance - not only in their singing and instrumental abilities, but in their concentration, confidence, resilience, and hopes for the future. After our last gig, the enthusiasm in the room was palpable, and the audience, professional musicians and the kids themselves were bowled over by what they had achieved. We’re looking forward to sharing our approaches, repertoire and enthusiasm with other music makers!”

To read more about music making at The BIG Project, click here to read a recent article about the project in MusicZone magazine on pages 18 - 20.  

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