Volunteering Awards

Inspiring Volunteering Achievement Award

Volunteer Award

Volunteer Edinburgh- Edinburgh's Volunteer Recruitment Agency, ran an awards ceremony in June, rewarding volunteers that have gone the extra mile with their volunteering. Through our BIG Tour and Album Music Project, our 4 young music trainees were nominated and were lucky enough to walk away with the award for "Innovation".

The BIG Project nominated four young people aged between fourteen and seventeen for the invaluable support they have given to their ten to fifteen year old peers, by helping to lead workshops in songwriting, keyboard and guitar as part of a project funded by the Scottish Art Council's Youth Music Initiative. Their commitment to the project is evident from their efforts to develop their own musical skills as well as their understanding of facilitating learning for others. Not only do they help to prepare sessions and materials, unpack instruments and tidy everything away afterwards but they also engage in reflective discussions to continually improve the sessions. At a time when they faced additional pressures in their own lives, including exams, the commitment from these young people has been outstanding. Additionally, as a group they have bonded into a cohesive and positive unit. Even when under the weather, the young people have been fully committed to the work of the project, and made the effort to be there.

West Edinburgh Neighbourhood Award

3 of our fabulous volunteers hard work is being recognised at a ceremony at The Scottish Parliament on 16th May. These volunteers working in our open access service were awarded a West Neighbourhood Award for outstanding volunteering with The BIG project.. Well Done!

Edinburgh Evening News Young Edinburgh Awards

Nancy Ovens award for Play environmental category 2006

Environment Award

The BIG Project worked alongside partner organisations to enable children and young people to improve their local environment and to combat problems caused by a lack of facilities; high levels of youth crime and disorder; underage drinking; young people misusing drugs; animosity and violence between local groups of children and young people preventing them from feeling safe on the streets and stopping them moving freely around their community as well as causing other local residents to feel threatened.


  • Engaged children/young people from 7 local schools in designing and developing a play park / kick pitch.
  • Ran an art competition with over 200 entries resulting in 39 individual drawings being incorporated in ground covering and signage.
  • Organised a community event in conjunction with Safer Communities unit, LBP Community Officer and CEC Culture and Leisure Dept to launch new facilities which attracted 60+ children and families to participate in a football tournament and play activities.
  • Initiated relationships between groups of children and young people to develop joint ownership /responsibility for park/pitch.


The BIG Project has created ownership of a local facility by overcoming issues of territorialism and healing divisions between groups of local children and young people. From the outset the park and kick pitch have been well used by families with young children and high numbers of Primary and Secondary school age children and young people. The majority of local children and young people attend services delivered By The BIG Project and staff continue to make use of this contact to reiterate the importance of respecting the facility and the rights of everyone to access it.

Environment Award  Environment Award

Creative Arts Category 2005

Creative Arts Award

Melody Makers
6 young people took part in a Summer Songwriting Workshop. They wrote, recorded and performed their original songs, which included topics such as Bullying and Moving On. One of these songs, "Don't Stand on Your Own" stood out as being a helpful one for young people being bullied. It was so effective we decided to enter it into the Edinburgh evening News's Young Edinburgh Award under the category of "Creative Arts". As nominees they attended an awards ceremony in The Hub faced stiff competition from other projects, and luckily won!